Vehicle Restoration, Refurbish and Rebuild

Vehicle Revitalization Program

Is your vehicle tired? Is it failing to meet your customer's expectations?

Don't give up on your investments, we offer the services needed to bring the running hardware, exterior, and interior back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. The key to running a successful business is a return on investment, by overhauling your vehicles you can maximize your earnings and keep your customers happy. Our state-of-the-art facility recondition units from bumper-to-bumper. Vehicles pass through 25 separate work stations during the refurbishment process which takes approximately 45 days to complete. Upgrades to the original vehicle can include WiFi, 110V outlets, LED lighting, leatherette passenger seating and extra legroom, as well as wheelchair lifts.

Our company's popular Coach Refurbishment Program is riding a wave of success going into the New Year. Guided by the economy and market demands for affordable fleet solutions, American Double Decker continues to build more flexibility and options into the successful program. What began as a basic revitalization project, has morphed into a market-wide initiative available to operators seeking affordable alternatives to OEM equipment purchases. Program offerings can accommodate a wide variety of operator needs and requirements including full or partial equipment overalls, or individual one-off upgrade services.